Independent Designer Revolution

nineteenth Amendment


We all know the fashion industry is constantly changing but over the past couple years we are seeing a trend in what we are calling the "independent designer revolution." We are seeing more and more of a community that is striving for mission based industry and a need for change.

Our hope and dream is that one day when you look around a room you don't see common brands like J.Crew, H&M, or Forever21 (nothing wrong with wearing any of those brands) but designers that are less common, and sought to find - purchased for a reason will become more of a trend. 

Companies like Nineteenth Amendment are game changers and leading the way to change and the emerging of more and more independent designers to thrive. Nineteenth Amendment believes in creating a sustainable and efficient fashion future. We believe that enabling designers with technology can make brands more efficient, create better products, and make more money in a responsible way.

They have helped over 1,000 fashion brands from over 30 countries launch products sustainably. They have truly modernized the way designers manage product development and launch new products.