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We got a bunch of questions about the Gypsy Top and Jackson Dress so here is the scoop! 

Q & A 

Is the Gypsy Top, For Emma Top & Jackson Dress an original design by Maureen Elizabeth?

No, it is not an original design, like many pieces on the site, it is an item that was carefully selected as a unique women's apparel piece that fits our brand character, pretty things now & always, curated item Made in the USA by Blue Blush. 

Why do you not use the word 'mask' in the messaging?

We do not use the word 'mask' because these are garments for your wardrobe that are helpful to block your face when needed but is not intended to be a protection for medical use.

Where do you envision people wearing the Pretty & Protective collection?

Ahh so exciting to think of being out and about in the "real world"...I think they would be great to wear when traveling, allowing you to block your face when needed or wear it down like a normal turtleneck. This is the perfect outfit to wear as a teacher during flu season. Like most of our pieces, we believe you can dress these up and down - they're a perfect layering piece to have in any woman's closet. Throw on a sweater and you're good to go.

Do you have more sizes and colors coming soon?

Yes we are looking into not only more sizes and colors, but more styles. We feel protecting our faces will be the new normal in the near future and you will start to see many companies with apparel like this - it will be an essential and most likely the 'new' normal, whatever that may be.

I heard the Gypsy top runs small, is it cropped?

It technically is not cropped but is for a smaller framed petite size women. We are working with the manufacturer to improve this for the future. However, the Jackson dress fit is just right!

Do you have any of these patterns for kids?

Not at this time but maybe in the future. Our focus is primarily women's apparel at this time.


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