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Our Mission



 seasonless business 


Maureen is a women's clothing brand inspired by vintage clothing with twist of contemporary fashion. We go against the 'fashion grain' by having a seasonless business model driven not by fall/winter or spring/summer deadlines but when we feel a garment is followed through to completion. We have learned that good things take time, but great things take even more time. 



unique moments


  We encourage making an occasion for an outfit instead of buying an outfit for an occasion.  It's about being your most authentic self. If you want to wear a prom dress to Walmart, then hell yeah. It's about that feeling you get wearing your own style statement - whatever that may be. Wearing Maureen promotes living a bold and colorful life by just being you. Why can't white be worn after Labor Day? Times are changing and so are the ways we make our decisions and pick our clothes. Maureen curates timeless designs that can be dressed up or dressed down during any time of the year.  Maureen hopes to amplify unique moments and welcomes dreamers, romantics, independents, creatives, do-ers, rulebreakers...


Be you.   and never forget, style is a way of feeling.



conscious fashion


Its about being aware. In the 60s over 70% of the clothing was made in the United States. Today its around 2%. Maureen Elizabeth Collection is proud to be developed and manufactured in Portland, Maine. 




inspired by vintages clothes

The 60s were a vibrant time when people started to express themselves creatively, especially in fashion. It was about being unique and standing out - being or doing something different. It was an artistic movement. 
"The sixties were a time when ordinary people could do extraordinary things" - Twiggy