Past Project: Maureen Elizabeth Collection

unique dress

Maureen Elizabeth own collection hopes to romanticize a moment by promoting women to stand out in a unique ponte knit dresses. All styles started from vintage designs of the mod sixties. Colorblock dresses and pops of color help create great silhouettes which can be worn and comfortable during any time of the year. Ponte knit dresses are forgiving fabrics that have a stretch, are soft, and wash well. Vintage clothing inspired the perfect cocktail dress for weddings or can be dressed down for casual days or work wear.

Maureen encourages engaging online shopping experience for women in search of vintage made in the USA knit fashion. We thrive on a groovy community that is not afraid of being themselves. We encourage colored tights and bright statements.

Maureen wants to enhance a moment in time. We want to help enhance happy moments, from engagements to birthdays to bridal showers to bachelorette parties. Whatever special occasion Maureen knit dresses enhance a style moment. All knit dresses help create a flattering silhouette for women.

Maureen is about being aware of the conscious fashion movement, slow fashion, ethical fashion, less waste, sustainable fashion, made in the united states fashion, fabric made in America, hangtags, retail tags all made in the USA. If you are interested in the organic food movement; it’s about being aware of how things are made; where they are coming from. Maureen is made in Portland, Maine; slow fashion creates a better quality product; lasting product.

We believe in classic dresses that will not fade with time. This allows women to purchase less clothing overtime – timeless, effortless, unique. Fashion allows you to say who you are, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it and spice things up. Maureen ponte knit dresses are stretchy and soft. Long sleeved dresses are for an elegant beauty. Our vintage inspired knit dresses will last.



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